Ramadan Mubarak – and under Siege


Ramadan, the focal point or heart of the year for Muslims around the world —— for although the Hajj (pilgrimage) to Makkah is the high point of the year, the heart of the Islamic year is Ramadan —— is a month of sacrifice, atonement, restraint, forgiveness and asking for mercy, of compassion and consideration for others, of spending more time in worship and prayer, of fasting of course, of thinking about eternity, the Hereafter, and taking time away from this world and its demands. At the same time, Muslims must work to survive, live in societies that may not be Muslim or even friendly or accepting of Muslims. They must make accommodations for unfriendly or even hostile societies.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, where Islam is still the state religion, the government has become hostile to Muslims and to Islam as a faith. When the ruling power was transferred to Mohammad bin Salman, who has stated openly his hostility to Islam as a religion, Saudi Arabia became a country whose heart is torn apart between a leader who has taken over this Muslim society and sworn enmity to it, what has become of the Hajj? Muslims seeking to visit the Ka’aba, Islam’s holiest site, are being insulted and turned away for trifles as a part of so-called MBS’s new policy of harassment and destruction towards Islam. He has forgotten Allah, and so Allah has forgotten him, leaving him to blindly stumble in his defiant criminality and corruption. This has put the people of The Arabian Peninsula, famous for their obeisance to their kings and princes, in the awkward position of having to choose between Allah and their leader. Those who choose MBS will live in this life, if they are “lucky” enough not to run afoul of his capricious torture-and-murder-mongering rule. But in the next life they will have nothing. Those who choose Allah and the compassion of what lies at the Ramadan-centric heart of Islam will have Allah’s acceptance, and reward in the Hereafter.

This is not my usual approach to this month, but having a disbeliever and enemy of Islam at the helm of the country wherein lie the most sacred places in Islam is an affront to all the Muslim world, and something we should all think about and decide what to do about this Ramadan. We can jointly condemn this tyrant at the heart of our sacred religion and even avoid commerce with those who do business with him or take other steps to ensure that Muslims’ lives and religion will not be destroyed by one disbeliever whose goal in life is to amass as much wealth for his own personal use as possible. More yachts, more women to rape, more plunder. And the wealth of Saudi Arabia, its oil and other resources, belong ONLY to the Saudi people and NOT to the thieves whose last names are Al-Saud, whose final inheritor and Chief Murderer-Thief is MBS. In this time of sacrifice, are we making our commitment to Allah and compassion, or he enemies of Allah and compassion? There can be no security or peace as long as he and his cohorts in the Emirates and elsewhere seek to plunge their people and indeed all Muslims in darkness, while they continue to fool Trump and other Western lackeys that they will save Israel from the Arab threat and make the world safe for hegemony.

They make their evil conspiracies and Allah makes his plan, and Allah is the best to plan and his plans are the victorious ones.

So we pray for the Saudi people that they may have a blessed Ramadan despite their tyrannical leader, and for the Muslims in China who have been rounded up by the tyrannical and vicious Chinese government, forcing them to give up their religion and prohibiting any Islamic practices whatsoever, forcing them to commit abominations and torturing them in mind control prisons. And we pray for Muslims in Syria against whom the tyrant dictator Bashar has commit genocide and indeed decimated their entire country and civilization. We pray for those displaced from dictators around the world who oppress Muslims. And we pray for the Palestinian people whom the Zionists kill and oppress with impunity as the world watches. We pray for Islam and Muslims the world over in this time of trouble and how that Muslims will not turn a blind eye to their brothers and sisters in such turmoil and difficulties, in Egypt and Sudan and Libya and everywhere they find themselves, as citizens or refugees. We hope Muslims will pray for one another this Ramadan and turn their devotion to Allah into a greater compassion for one another, from Iran to Indonesia to Australia to Singapore. This is the message for this Ramadan, not merely eating special foods, but working and planning to make the world safe for the religion of safety and justice and peace.

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