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Because all of these posts form one study of the Qur’an, and relate to one another, this page was originally intended to provide permalinks to each post. Now, since many more blog posts have been added, such a comprehensive list is far more arduous and is incomplete, but I have categorized some of the most important posts below. As it does not automatically update here, you may also check the “categories” section to the left on the Home page for assistance, or the “tags”.  

What Is Quranic Architecture as per this Blog?

Quranic Architecture: an Overview, the introductory page to this subject, including a downloadable image/chart of how the surahs fit into the nautilus shell design, and a downloadable list of the surahs and their numbers for reference (since each chamber contains a surah number but not name).

A Summary of Quranic Architecture, an overview of what is meant by Quranic Architecture on this blog. 

And what’s the connection between Quranic architecture and the chambered nautilus pictured on this blog? Here’s the answer in greater detail. 
 The Chambered Nautilus and Its Connection to the Quran

Quranic Architecture’s Cosmic Connection, how the year’s journey reflects our journey to Allah, using one of the most commonly used navigational “signs” in the heavens, the zodiac, transforming our understanding of its purpose.

Quranic Architecture as a Calendar, How the Quran’s order of surahs forms an  architectural calendar with an updated image and PDF.

Quranic Architecture in Islam, Nature, and Ourselves, a discussion of signs in Islam, the Hereafter as described in the Quran, the nautilus shell, and all around us.

The Quran Constant, Proof of a Divine Security System – A professor and systems analyst discovered a key to the entire Quran’s math-based system protecting it from change down to the letter called the “Quran Constant” or QC. An earth-shattering discovery complete with sophisticated mathematical proofs!

Analysis of Individual Surahs & Ayat Including Ring Compositions

Ring Composition in the Quran: Al-Fatiha, Using “ring composition” to analyze Surat Al-Fatiha, revealing both a symbolic cosmology of faith and proof the Bismallah is the first aya of this Surah.

Al-Fatiha: The Blueprint, how we can also view Al-Fatiha from the ”blueprint” of salat in its culmination at sujud — prostration — each aya corresponding to a different ”bone” touching the ground — bringing the depth of meaning from each (Al-Fatiha and sujud) to the other.

Surah 112 Al-Ikhlas: Our Creator, with Dazzling Details: Analysis of the essential surah of tawheed or Allah’s Oneness, which also embeds how Allah the Exalted creates with a word, as well as details about the genetic code, further showing us how He is in a category entirely by Himself.

Surahs Al-Falaq and Al-Nass 113 & 114: Analysis of 113 Al-Falaq, analyzing Surah 113 as part of the final pair of surahs 113 & 114.

Surah 114 Al-Nass Analysis, part 2 of the final pair, analysis of Surah 114.

Ayat Al-Kursi Ring Composition: Analysis of the ring composition what many consider the most famous and important single aya of the Quran.

Surat Al-Kawthar: Can You Produce a Surah Like It? Much power and profound meaning packed into this shortest surah in the Quran.

Ring Composition and Analysis of Surah 111 Al-Masad: Revealing shocking details of this powerful surah and why it precedes the most beautiful and contrasting surah 112 Al-Ikhlass.

Ayat Al-Nur, Revealed in Ring Composition and Black Holes, Analyzing the famous Ayat al-Nur

Ring Composition of Surah 94 Al-Sharh, showing Allah’s mercy and assurance of relief.

Surat Al-Qadr 97, Night of Celestial Power – Uncovering some of the secrets of this amazing sura and its truly celestial power.

Amazing Sura Al-Zalzala 99, the Quake, a close study of this sura and its meaning, culminating in the balance scales. What this sura reveals can also be found in surat Al-Qari’a 101 in meaningful word and letter counts.

Surat Al-Qari’a 101: The Ultimate Warning, a close study of this sura and its meaning, including amazing word and letter counts’ relationship to that meaning, especially in the “balance scales.”

Surat Al-Ma’un 107: the Importance of Being Kind, answers such questions as why does Allah say ”Woe to those who pray” and what is the meaning of this sura.

Analysis of Surah 109 Al-Kafiroon, showing the futility of denial.

Surat Al-Nasr: Victory Then, Now, and Hereafter, The meaning of Surat Al-Nasr 110, which seems very simple, is also an example of how Muslims as an Ummah or community can succeed. 

The One Quranic Aya that Mentions Ramadan, Analysis of 2:185 in seven sections plus its placement on the Quranic architectural chart.

The Scales of Justice in the Quran, with Stunning Precision, an examination of the word and letter counts in mentions of the scales of justice showing a precise and meaningful pattern in all of them!

Fascinating Facts about the Basmalah, showing how Allah’s name may be, along with the Basmalah, a foundational key to the Quran.

The Seven Creation of Adam (COA) Narratives

1: The First Creation of Adam Story Explained, as a ring composition in 2:30-39. Asking why were we created and why is there evil in the world.

2: Adam/Eve in the Middle: 2nd Creation of Adam Story, ring composition analysis of 7:11-27. Highlights the difference between the Quranic and Biblical account: in the Quran Adam/Eve (2 equals, she doesn’t tempt him) are forgiven but Satan is not. Plus more.

3: Creation of Adam 3: Now Satan Is Surrounded, ring analysis of 15:26-44, the longest such narrative, also highlights how Allah’s plan puts us at an advantage over Satan.

4: COA 4 Forces of Evil Surrounded, showing how we can be a force for good as Allah’s chosen servants in 17:1-5.

5: COA 5: Are We Guardians or Violators?, how thr shortest such narrative in 18:50-1 highlights our essential choice in this life.

6: COA 6: Why Do We Suffer? How Allah turns our greatest enemy into the key to our ultimate success in 20:115-123.

7: COA 7: Completing the Narrative, analyzing 38:69-85, we see the role of prophet Mohammad (pbuh), the potential triumph of “clay/mud” from which Adam was created thus fulfilling Allah’s reply to the angels in COA 1, and a fascinating connection with verse 38:83, noting the reverse digits.

Frequently Asked Questions

For those who are unfamiliar with either the Quran or the Bible, and/ or want to know the difference: The Difference Between the Quran and the Bible

The Quran’s Rules to Live By, a comprehensive list of the best way to live and act in Islam as presented in the Quran.

What Is Intercession and Will Prophet Mohammad Intercede for Muslims on Judgment Day? This is not the title of the post, but this post directly addresses this issue of intercession on Judgement Day as it is presented in the Quran and relating to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

The Quran and Allah’s Unlimited Knowledge: Here we dig deeper into what it means for Allah to be Omniscient, with examples from advanced mathematics.

Allah’s Names and their Meanings

The Name Allah and its Structural Magnificence: An examination of the name Allah in Arabic, and what is lost in translation.

Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem: The dynamic Pair: An examination of the two names that follow the name “Allah” in the Bismalah, their significance and meaning, connection to the concepts of Yin and Yang, and the name Al-Rahman’s true meaning and relationship to the name Al-Raheem and its adjective form, explained in the Quran’s amazing details.

Allah’s Name: Heartbeat of the Cosmos: A more recent elucidation of Allah’s name, focusing on how it forms a metaphor for the heart, and its profound meaning for us.

The Powerful Statement Embedded in the Bismalah: The Quran tells us that Allah decreed upon Himself the attribute of mercy exemplified in the name Al-Raheem. This post shows us how He embedded this, literally written, in the Bismalah.

Tawheed and Monotheism:

A Closer Look at lā ilāha illā Allāh gives an example of close analysis of a single statement.

Prayer: Connecting to Allah:

The Difference between Salat and Du’a, The significance and meaning of prayer in Islam, and the difference between Salat (sometimes spelled “salah”), the “formal” Islamic prayer, and du’a or “supplication”, whose meaning is the same as “prayer” in English.

Salat: Our Connection to Allah and More, discussing what is the purpose of salat and what is meant by to sall’a-nabi, to ask Allah to bless the prophet Mohammad, and how the Arabic word salat is a 2-way Connection.

Why Is Thikr Allah Greater than Salat? Discovering the answer to this question brings greater meaning to both.

Salat in the Heart of the Quran, a downloadable pdf chart shows how the last three suras connect to the first, forming a “heartbeat” in the Quran itself.

Prophets and Examples of Righteous People

In the Company of Prophets: the Raised Status of Mary in the Quran, How the Quran raises the status of women with the example of Mary/ Maryam, and how her status was raised.

The Significance of Maryam, an updated earlier post that discusses the basic idea of the above succinctly with less explanation – a shorter version.

The Quranic Story of Abraham’s Sacrifice: Its Surprising Message and Precision: The story of Ibrahim/ Abraham’s sacrifice in the Quran. Many do not understand why the father of the prophets was given the unbearable instruction to slaughter his own firstborn son. This post addresses the issue, showing the huge difference between the Quranic and Biblical/ Judaic narratives:

What can we learn about the mysterious character named (but not in the Quran) Al-Khidr whose story is told in Surah 18 Al-Kahf (The Cave)? It’s about knowledge and how Allah bestows different kinds of knowledge on different people according to their nature and needs, and the need for patience: Wisdom from the Quranic Story of Al-Khidr

Compassion and Justice: Their Essential Symbiosis in Islam: Islam is often described in the West as lacking in compassion and mercy, but nothing could be farther from the truth. This post addresses that, focusing on the relationship between compassion and justice.

A Picture of Time, a Calendar, a Guide: An earlier examination in this blog of the order of Suras in the Qur’an and its relevance to the message as a whole.

The Green Quran: The Quran on the Environment

Introduction to 114 Chambers

The above is the very first post, shorter than most.

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