I am using this blog as a way of presenting my study of the Qur’an, which has taken place over many years, and which takes a different approach, by discovering what the Qur’an teaches us about its own message, one major aspect of which is the discovery of its architecture described on its own page in greater detail. This means using the Qur’an as source material without outside references, such as scholarly commentary, hadeeths, seerah of the prophet, and other traditional Islamic religious sources. So much of the message of the Qur’an has been missed or misunderstood, and much of the latter stems from the gap between what is emphasized as important in the Qur’an and what various traditions have come to emphasize. By focusing on the “structure” of the Qur’an, the way it presents the message, I believe we can find a more accurate and even more amazing understanding of Allah’s final revelation.

I would describe myself as a Muslim who refuses to align with a particular named category under the heading “Islam,” such as Shi’a, Sunni, Sufi, Wahhabi, Salafi, etc. Although I take issue with something in all of these “paths,” I believe that maintaining separate “versions” of Islam with no discourse between them is in itself un-Islamic. Which does not mean I condemn anyone, simply that I disagree with them, cordially and with an open (but not empty) mind.

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  1. Salaam . Interesting perspective on the Quran. Most informed Muslims are rooted in the concept of Tauheed and bound by the truth of Quran. Muslims who donot seek primary knowledge from Quran are sometimes misguided by placing more value to their sectarian identity of being a Shai, Sunni, Wahabbi. There is nothing wrong in the categories as long as we quench our thirst of knowledge primarily from Quran. The traditions of sects have their own wisdom in guiding us towards Tauheed as long as they comply with the principles of Quran and take secondary precedence. Taking a more unifying view will help us be more inclusive towards our brothers.

    • Thank you, brother Mustafa, for your most astute and understanding comment. It is true that by gaining greater knowledge of Islam through the Quran, much of the confusion and division that exists can be overcome.

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