Salat in the Heart of the Quran


Salat is more than ”prayer,” but in its root term means ”connection” or ”to connect.” The Quran speaks of it as to be ”established,” to build or establish being the common translation of iqama, thus one establishes or erects a ”connection” to Allah within one’s heart by doing this daily. This could even be thought of in the modern sense of establishing a “connection” in a phone or with the internet, in a real sense to ”keep in touch” in this case with our Creator and Sustainer. The Quran has “built-in” such a connection in its very architecture, connecting the last 3 suras with the first sura, Al-Fatiha. This forms a visual dhikr Allah you can see, showing in the Quran a kind of circulatory system that brings us back to connect with Allah and His words. The chart with explanation in PDF form is downloadable below.

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