On the Benefits of Fasting Ramadan: Health Expert

Dr. Eric Berg DC describes the amazing benefits of the type of fasting done for the month of Ramadan.

Of course, the greatest benefits of fasting Ramadan are in Allah’s acceptance, and in the taqwa (God-consciousness) gained during this blessed month, especially in the last remaining days when our salat and dhikr intensifies insha’Allah. The physical and health benefits are in fact good “side effects.” May Allah the Exalted accept our fasting, prayers, and charity, and increase our knowledge of His Quran, our guidebook and source of comfort, enlightenment, and motivation.

Dr. Eric Berg is a best-selling author of The Healthy Keto Plan (KB Publishing, 2017) who specializes in weight loss and healthy ketogenic diet strategies as well as intermittent fasting. He has conducted over 4800 seminars on health-related topIcs and trained over 2500 doctors worldwide. And he is impressed with the benefits of fasting Ramadan as explained in the video above.

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