Video: Ramadan as Hope, the Quran as Allah’s ”Rope”


This video gives a unique and meaningful perspective about Ramadan, starting with Adam in an exalted state so close to Allah that Allah the Exalted spoke to him, then Adam’s mistake and descent to earth, not as a punishment (that’s a Christian idea not in Islam), but to work and suffer, becoming stronger in faith and determination, to return insha’Allah (God willing) to Allah’s Presence in the promised Garden, an inheritance from Adam and a reward for patience and struggle in His path. An eloquent and beautifully-presented message from Nouman Ali Khan. He explains the name ”Iblees” (another name for Satan) as derived from the meaning “hopeless,” from which we understand that the idea that we are a ”hopeless case” to be from satanic influence, and that to think we are beyond redemption or cannot be forgiven is a trademark satanic concept. Satan’s case is indeed hopeless, and he wants us to feel we are also hopeless, whereas with Allah there is always hope. The Quran is literally the way Allah speaks to us, opening up a two-way “conversation” if we join it and speak in return: the Quran gives us words, if we are at a loss for words, but any language will do.

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