Ramadan Around the World


(Pictured above: Muslim children gather to read Quran at the Al-Kabir Mosque in Sanaa, Yemen, Ramadan 2022.) The following pictures show how Muslims around the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, traditionally by fasting, breaking the fast (iftar), reading Quran, and prayer. We also should remember millions of Muslims in China are prohibited/restricted from fasting or even acknowledging Ramadan, as well as pray, go to mosques for worship, or even read Quran. In 2017, many of these restrictions became law, and all Muslims, especially among the Uighurs, were forced to turn in their Qurans, prayer mats, Islamic clothing, or anything at all associated with Islam, or face the horrors of the extermination camps. So pictures of Ramadan in China might even pose an imminent danger to anyone appearing in such a photo, even anonymously. There are also many refugees from Syria and elsewhere suffering as they try to fast and celebrate this month, and notably Palestinians are often harassed particularly in Ramadan. Nonetheless, there is hope in this set of images.

Syrian refugees, among other refugees such as Rohinjya and Afghans, have settled in many different places far from home, often people formerly without financial difficulties now barely subsisting. Nonetheless, they do what they can, as with the family below enjoying an iftar sponsored by UNCHR:

Syrian families share iftar away from home, Ramadan 2022.
Breaking fast in front of the Haggia Sophia Mosque in Turkey, Ramadan 2020.
A teen reads Quran in the Great Omari Mosque in Gaza City, Ramadan 2022.
Free Iftar at Sheikh Abdul Qadir Mosque in Baghdad, Iraq, Ramadan 2022.
Preparing bread for traditional suhur pre-dawn meal in Peshawar, Pakistan, Ramadan 2022.
Preparing for taraweeh prayers in Singapore, Ramadan, 2022.
Praying at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Ramadan, 2022.
Syrian man selling traditional food for Ramadan, Idlib, Syria 2022.
Bread for sale in the alleys of the Old City in East Jerusalem, Palestine, Ramadan 2022.
Muslim students reading Quran at boarding school in Medan, Indonesia, Ramadan 2022.
Placing water and dates on mats for breaking the fast, Abidjan, Ramadan 2022.
Teen swings “silk jalee” sparklers traditional for Ramadan in Gaza, 2022.
Preparing for prayers after iftar at Aldaawa Mosque in Guatemala, Ramadan 2022.
Yemeni Market in Sanaa, Ramadan 2022.
Produce Market in Kuwait City’s Souk Mubarakiya, Ramadan 2022.
Roundabout in Gaza City decorated for Ramadan 2022.
Muslims pray tarawih in the Grand Mosque in Russia, Ramadan 2022.
Reading Quran at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia, Ramadan, 2022.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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