The Meaning and Value of Ramadan: Memorable Video


One of the most meaningful and insightful explanations of Ramadan’s purpose in every sense that I’ve ever read or heard:

Dr. Nouman Ali Khan gives a beautiful explanation of the meaning of taqwa, how fasting Ramadan helps us develop it, and Ramadan as commemoration of the highly significant historical event of the Quran being sent down to humankind to guide us from darkness into the light. Plus the importance of understanding the difference between ease and hardship, and how that relates to short-term vs long-term success, and then applying this wisdom to eternity. He explains 3 out of 5, but wow, those are so vital.

His presentation gets to the heart of the matter, transcending divisions between schools of thought, traditional vs liberal, or other divisions between Muslims’ approach to Islam and the Quran. The core meaning is truly the point of this khutba, and that is universal truth.

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