Eid Al-Fitr Mubarak! And How We Can Mark the Occasion in This Difficult Time


Eid Mubarak! This year in mosques around the world Muslims are praying for Palestinians and Palestine, for Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa to be free from oppression and being hijacked as pawns to a political agenda posing as a religious one: a “divinely-ordained right” to usurp land at will and displace entire communities of men, women, children, and the elderly, to invade their holy places to maim and blind peaceful worshipers while they are praying in a holy site.

It is a direct assault and insult to all Muslims everywhere. Those who praise Israel from such places as Saudi Arabia are not Muslim and can never represent Islam, to which religion they are avowed enemies. While we celebrate the end of Ramadan, our brothers and sisters in Gaza are being slaughtered with impunity. So it is a celebration marred by whole apartment buildings filled with families and children being demolished with perhaps a brief warning. A few seconds to jump with an infant from the 7th floor, I suppose? This has been going on for decades, protected by a campaign of claiming any “criticism” of Israel’s extreme human rights abuse and apartheid regime constitutes “antisemitism.”

Today untold numbers of mosques resounded with prayers and donations for the victory and freedom of the Palestinian people. As well as many truly concerned people of conscience who see the bold in-your-face dehumanizing, demoralizing, and abuse of the Palestinians by the Zionist regime for what it is: ethnic cleansing, obvious human rights abuse, and many Jews and Israelis of conscience too are speaking out.

And so I dedicate this breaking of the month-long Ramadan fast to the Palestinians, and to all our fellow Muslims under siege in China, Syria, Egypt, India, and elsewhere. May we work together to support each other from the enemies of conscience and freedom. May we speak and act boldly without fear, but also showing our respect for human rights and compassion. We must always be people of conscience and defend others who follow a genuinely moral code.

This is how to celebrate Eid this year, by celebrating our determination and solidarity in faith against those who attack us collectively and say they are working for only the good of humanity, while they have destroyed in their own selves the sense, not the dictionary definition, of what “humanity” even means.

It is our obligation as Muslims to show what it means to those who have not betrayed their own souls. May Allah bless us all with true peace that comes from truth, not propaganda.

To socially pressure Jews to feel they are constantly under threat, the Zionist government is actively creating that threat because that’s how fascism works, by “othering” people and promoting the superiority of one’s race or ethnicity over another’s, by nurturing fear and enmity. This then creates an immoral path for Jews, encouraging and even goading Israelis to do the dirty work of fascism: ignore Palestinians’ plight, see them as subhuman, willingly shoot to disable and maim them, go for the eyes. Don’t look at them as human.

Many Israelis feel sick about this. But they sometimes feel they have no choice. To encourage or socially and gradually coerce Jews to act against their conscience, for these acts are unconscionable, is antisemitism. Jews and Arabs are both Semites. Antisemitism is what Nazis do to keep their authoritarian regimes in power. They make their own people commit atrocities. Is not loss of one’s soul a worse thing than to be disenfranchised or thrown into the street? Netanyahu and his right-wing extremists have got it all backwards. They are the antisemites, they are the perpetrators of atrocities, and will kill without hesitation to cover up this fact, which is as blatant as the emperor’s new clothes. The biggest threat to the Jewish people today isn’t the Palestinians or even the neo-Nazis, but rather the Zionist regime itself, which by rejecting compassion, disabled itself from even caring about their own people.

So it is a tragedy for both peoples; one with a superpower-charged military apparatus including nuclear weapons, and one under siege, thrown out of homes regularly, deprived of basic survival resources, whose people have no comparable say in their walled-off civil life. Who defends them? And with what? It is undeniably a far superior power trampling on the lives and dignity of their impoverished neighbors. So who needs to change? Who has the power to make peace? And who oppresses whom?

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